5 Tips on a better August Vacation


Exams are over for most of you and that long awaited break is here. Some of you may use this time to rest and relax, while others take this opportunity to get one step ahead academically. Whatever you decide to do for this mini break, use it to further develop yourself, strike a balance and win.

Here are a few tips we think can get you the most rewarding summer vacation. Please feel free to share these tips with your friends, discuss it with the adults around you who can help you find these activities that match your interest.

  1. Follow a passion

Do you love the outdoors? Hiking? Sports? Or maPASSIONybe painting or photography. Find your passion and go after it, it’s never too early, as the saying goes, “do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.
Get into a program that you will enjoy who knows maybe your pastime can help you shape a career you never knew you were interested in.

  1. Get a taste of a future career

Try to connect with people who move you, and what you would like to do in the future. Start by calling businesses and organisations related to your chosen field about internships. Most professionals go out of their way to motivate and mentor students who would are willing to learn, even if you don’t land a job, the opportunity to talk to these individuals and get their advice and suggestions can be just as enlightening.  During a job search, students may come across a potential employer — someone who inspires them or to whom they’d love to apprentice — who just can’t afford to hire them. One option is to offer to work for free. The job skills gained may be worth their weight in gold.mapyourcareer2_640x402

Side note, when reaching out to the professional world be sure to put on your adult face.  A cute or inappropriate email address will not create a good first impression. Recipients of mail from mzzcutegyal@gmail.com or topshotter@gmail.com will be unlikely to see that person as a viable intern or employee.

  1. Use it or lose it.

It’s easier to forget things than to remember them. We encourage you to make your study material your best friend. We know this sounds disenchanting but all it takes is at least one hour a day to read through some notes or do a practice test, even call a colleague and quiz each other for fun. It can prevent you from having to take time to relearn that material later. week-2-brain-theory-26-638

  1. Volunteer

Taking part in charity work is a great way for you to learn about life and about yourself. It can help you develop leadership skills that will last a lifetime. By discovering how to help others, you discover yourself.  Charity work allows you to see the impact your hard work has on your own community.Volunteer work on your resume can also help you stand out from the rest. It can also improve or build self-confidence and public speaking, which can also be applied in the classrooms in the future.VOLUNTEER

  1. Read! Read! Read!

Whatever you decide on doing this August vacation….Read! Read! Read! Reading opens the mind and takes you to other worlds while sharpening key skills such as vocabulary and articulation. Create a reading list based on your interests, be it fashion, current issues, creadlassic literature such as science fiction or international settings, biographies. Whatever you like just read.